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Business Comparative guide to online business loan: business or company...

Comparative guide to online business loan: business or company financing & credit


Launching your business is often a long struggle where you have to face different situations so that it can be profitable and sustainable. In 2019, just before the COVID crisis, we counted more than 50,000 companies going bankrupt in France. The main reason was cash : customers who pay late, unpaid invoices, poor management,….

Then the question of a request for a loan or professional credit arises… but when you are faced with difficulties, the banks or traditional credit organizations which study your solvency have difficulty in granting you a professional loan where the rates of Interest is often very high, especially to finance your cash flow, your marketing expenses, etc… which would allow you to launch or restart the machine.

Nevertheless, there are new offers in terms of pro credit online which allow you to obtain a professional loan without contribution or with contribution, which will check your capacities to repay which is mainly done online with a professional loan simulator equipped with artificial intelligence (credit scoring), with a rapid response as well as more flexible and advantageous rates than a traditional bank.

Before presenting our ranking of the best online business credit and applying for a loan, we would like to remind you of this: “a loan commits you and must be repaid. It is important to check your repayment capacities before committing yourself” . As usual, we go further than the simple online professional credit comparator by offering you a guide to loan solutions for businesses and companies.

How does online professional loan or credit work?

The business loan or professional credit is a bank loan repayable in the form of monthly payments over a determined period.

To obtain a business loan, the company will have to submit to a solvency study. It will therefore be necessary to consider the assets (receivables) and liabilities (debts) as well as a certain number of criteria (non-exhaustive list) to succeed in a pro loan:
• Is your professional activity at risk, seasonal,…?
• your latest balance sheets (profitability, margin, etc.)
• Your forecast turnover
• Your ability to repay
• Company capital
• Guarantees in the event of non-reimbursement

Once this study has been carried out, you will be able to obtain professional financing from your bank with the possible amount as well as the monthly payments (interest included), it is also necessary to provide for administrative costs and insurance for your professional credit.

Faced with all these elements, there are new business financing offers : you guessed it, these are online professional loans , much more flexible on the credit study, with competitive interest rates and without filing fees.

Know that it is possible to carry out in a few clicks a professional loan simulation online with the organizations mentioned on our 100% digital professional credit comparison with or without contribution.

Why a professional loan? What types of pro credit?

Whether you want to create your own business, whether you need temporary cash or simply want to invest in advertising, movable or immovable property, etc… In a business life, the question of financing or credit professional often arises to advance your business. So, we are going to see the different ways to apply for a business loan online.

Focus on our opinion & comparison of online professional credit solutions with no hidden costs
Traditional banks no longer have the leadership to offer loans to professionals. And this is good news because the latter impose significant additional costs such as insurance for example or rather restrictive conditions with a mortgage on your property, which can give you knots in the brain vis-à-vis the development of your business. In our opinion, there are alternatives offered by players such as a broker or an online bank that allow you to obtain professional credit on the internet up to 5 million euros with advantageous conditions, competitive rates, free of charge. hidden and a legible and transparent reading of what you reimburse.

Online professional credit, is it the best online pro financing solution for a business?
Today, thanks to artificial intelligence and credit scoring solutions, banks, brokers and credit organizations find it easier to know borrowers and give an agreement in principle on a loan for professionals more quickly and this on a 100% digital approach.

This is the case, in particular, of the Mansa online pro credit solution, which is an online pro credit intended for the self-employed (liberal professions, self-employed entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises) who need cash to maintain or develop their professional activity. The credit application as well as the simulation is simply done using a professional loan simulator.


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Comparative guide to online business loan: business or company financing & credit

Launching your business is often a long struggle where you have to face different situations so that it can...

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