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Business Comparison and guide of the best life insurance

Comparison and guide of the best life insurance


Are you looking for a comparison or a ranking of the best life insurance contracts in 2022 ? Additional information on fees or taxation ? The conditions for exemption from life insurance? You are in the right place !

Their first means of savings, the most popular contract to make your euros grow. Almost every bank offers this product widely on these platforms. In 2021, the funds in euros of life insurance contracts offered an average return of 1.1% . This type of contract is a bank savings product allowing you to grow your assets according to an annual return. It is also a pension investment (or security), optimal for securing your funds in the event of death or disability, for example. This type of product can be offered by banks or brokers who concentrate a significant amount of bank supply on their platform.

It is all this that makes life insurance an extremely popular product! However, it is often misunderstood due to common misconceptions, which we will clear up for you. We will give you the essential information (composition, specificities, taxation, redemptions, etc.) to fully understand the advantages. You will be able to choose the best life insurance contract thanks to our guide and comparison of online life insurance according to your criteria. This way you will maximize the yield. If you are comfortable with this product, consult our ranking of the best life insurance directly, otherwise consult our guide just below first.

Choose the best life insurance to get maximum returns!

If you have the capacity and the will to save, the life insurance contract is surely the ideal product for you. However, the selection of the type of insurance contract is crucial. Indeed, choosing the best life insurance can be very beneficial . Whether it’s for you and your beneficiaries, thanks to a larger amount saved (several thousand euros) than with a traditional contract. Under the impetus of the Ministry of the Economy, from June 1, 2022, distributors and brokers in PER and life insurance will be required to display on their site a standardized table to summarize the costs in order to provide always more transparency for users.

Take the time to choose your contract carefully and don’t listen (only) to your banker, think about your criteria. He will essentially direct you to the products that he must at that time “market”. These offers will surely not be the most advantageous for your situation, but for his. So, nothing prevents you from listening to his proposals and advice, but from confirming them on your side. With this comparison of the best life insurance for example. You will be able to see the differences between the contracts. Our goal is precisely to accompany you so that you can seize the best opportunity. Every euro invested is a profitable euro. Likewise, every euro saved during invoicing is a euro that will pay off in the future.

The criteria taken into account in our comparison to choose a good life insurance policy are:
• A reliable and solid insurer (take into account that the money deposited is with the insurer and not the broker). Some actors may be pushed to take reckless risks. It’s your money, they try to maximize their profits without suffering the consequences.
• Reduced fees (€0 entry fees and payment fees and low management fees: around 0.60% on average).
• Funds in euros performing above 1.50% (compared to 1% for a livret A which was reboosted in February 2022).
• A wide selection of units of account to vary the investment in equities and real estate.
• Ability to manage your investments. To have a vision thanks to a dashboard and an available and accommodating customer service by telephone.

What makes the strength and popularity of this savings contract lies in its tax advantages . As well as the significant versatility of investments (funds in euros, shares, real estate, etc.). You will also be able to withdraw your money whenever you want . Thanks to life insurance, you will therefore be able to diversify your investments. In addition, it is possible to combine both PER and life insurance with different supports and management methods. For some offers, it is possible to choose these payments, that is to say the recurrence of the payments and the amount of these payments.

The selection will be made between:
• Security of contracts in euro funds (low yields)
• Volatility of unit-linked contracts (high returns, but risky).
Indeed, the return on your assets corresponds to the remuneration of the risk deliberately incurred. Taking the risk of losing your capital makes the returns higher, except in the event of a loss of capital. For example, the share price of CAC40 companies in 2021 rose by 29%.

The life insurance contract can be both a safe investment with the management of funds in euros and a risky investment to obtain high returns. Whether you want to build up capital, prepare for your retirement, transfer assets or prepare a long-term project. The life insurance contract can meet all these scenarios at the same time. Its redemption (partial or total withdrawal of the sums) can be done on the desired date. There is also no payment cap.

If you want to save money, choosing online life insurance reduces entry, payment and arbitration costs to €0. With among the management fees offering the most opportunities for gains. If you are comfortable with the use of these technologies, this is the best way to grow your wealth.


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Comparison and guide of the best life insurance

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