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Business How to change business bank account easily?

How to change business bank account easily?


As a business manager, there are many reasons why you may want to change your professional bank: to benefit from better advantages, to avoid possible hidden costs or even to find a bank that better meets your daily needs.

100% dematerialized banks are growing in popularity. Their offer, directly accessible online, is very competitive compared to traditional banks. More and more entrepreneurs are betting on this option and deciding to open a pro account online.

However, it should not be forgotten that this approach requires a certain number of formalities to be respected. To save you time in your procedures, we provide you with all the information you need to change your professional account with complete peace of mind.

Everything you need to know before changing banks for professionals

Since the arrival of pro accounts online, many professionals have decided to change banks to reduce bank charges. This approach also allows them to benefit from additional associated services.

Before starting this process, you must assess your needs and take into account some important elements to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here is a list summarizing the main points of attention:
• The deposit of checks
• Payment cards available
• Managing team expenses
• The possibility of making automatic withdrawals
• Simplified accounting management
• Credit or payment solutions offered
• Cash investment
• online invoicing

Also remember to check all the contracts to which you have subscribed within your current bank to find out the conditions for terminating the account. This important step allows you to avoid any hidden costs or to not violate any of the rules listed in your contract (each case may differ depending on the product).

Furthermore, it is also a good idea to determine all your transactions that are in process or that have not yet been recorded in your account.

Which bank to change pro account online?

Changing banks is an important decision that raises many questions. The first question we can answer is: what to choose between a traditional bank and an online bank?

As a freelancer or freelancer, opening a pro account separate from personal expenses is not mandatory but is nevertheless strongly recommended.

Once you have verified all the details regarding the status of your business, it will be much easier to compare the business accounts offered by online banks, neo banks and traditional banks.

Opening a bank account in a 100% dematerialized bank is much more advantageous for a professional of this status.

Thanks to online banks, banking and services have been greatly facilitated with clear and transparent pricing. In addition to saving you money, you save time. You will be able to carry out all the operations which at a traditional bank are done in branch, directly online and at any time.

Founded in 2016, (Qonto) is an establishment approved by the ACPR Banque de France, which gives it the right to offer you a pro account intended for all types of companies and self-employed (SASU, Freelance, self-employed, etc.).

More than 250,000 European companies have been able to easily access professional current accounts thanks to (Qonto) credit card . Business owners save time and have better visibility into their operations and cash flow. They also have the ability to give their teams more autonomy in managing their expenses.

Why choose Qonto?

Qonto responds to 3 issues to satisfy professionals and make it easier for them to manage their finances:
• Reinventing the banking experience for professionals: From opening the account to day-to-day management, Qonto optimizes the experience of its customers and simplifies the financial management of SMEs, VSEs and the self-employed.
• Optimize the management of company finances: More than a professional current account, Qonto offers tools and integrations with the most used accounting and HR solutions on the market.
• Making life easier for entrepreneurs: Qonto offers clear, transparent and non-binding prices and ultra-responsive customer service 24/7.

Open your new business account

As part of a change of bank for his professional account, make sure to keep a short period when your two accounts are active in order to get used to the change and to your new bank and to have time to make all the changes. necessary for your transactions, transfers, direct debits, etc.

Then, transfer all your banking transactions to the new account. Plan to have enough funds to cover pending transactions and all transactions until your new payment method arrives. Monitor the smooth running of transfers and permanent direct debits: your new bank must be responsible for informing the organizations of your new bank details.

Once all pending transactions have been completed, new transfers, direct debits and services. Check that nothing is missing and that everything is in order: if you have a loan or an overdraft, your new bank may not accept professional bank overdrafts.

The steps to close your old professional bank account

After performing these steps, you can calmly close the pro account that you no longer need. In order to ensure that your request to close your business account is carried out in accordance with the rules of the trade, we advise you to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your old bank to close your account.

To do this, do not hesitate to use the professional bank account closure form provided by your bank. Then, follow the procedures specific to your bank, and that’s it, you can now change your professional bank.

To avoid lengthy administrative procedures, and a complex transfer of your data, you can open a Qonto professional account and benefit from the banking mobility service thanks to which you will not have to perform any procedure whatever type of professional account you wish.

In conclusion, changing professional bank is a simple process but to understand well and allows you to save on your bank charges.

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How to change business bank account easily?

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