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Top 5 apps to play online games for free


There is no doubt that games occupy an important place in everyday life. Nowadays, the world has evolved a lot through these games that give us virtual experiences. So, if you want to play free games on Android or PC, quality sites will be made available to you so that you can appropriate them properly. Previously, people were forced to pay in order to play online games. Now, with the rise of technology and the internet, you will certainly find your happiness without having to pay a penny!

What are the best apps that let you play online games for free?

These applications are many and varied, so just five of them will be detailed shortly.

Google Play

First of all, note that this application is operated by Google for the operating system titled Android. This application has been working for several years and offers the best services when it comes to games.

Not to mention that this app has millions of apps from different categories in addition to its wide range of games, so there is something for everyone. Also know that it is easy to download the game you want, you just need to have a good connection.

In addition, the methods of purchases are carried out by a credit card. And of course, you are required to have a Google account to be able to access these features.

Google Play Highlights
• First, there is ease of access,
• Then you will see this application pre-installed in all devices that are compatible with Android,
• And, you will have a wide choice in terms of games.

Weaknesses of Google Play

• You can be victims of scams and harassment, especially since there is no registration fee.

Android Games Room

This application offers its users a wide range of paid and free games. Moreover, the latter are of different categories. Also note that you can easily download the games you want on your Smartphone. In addition, you have the possibility to access this application by scanning a QR code .

Advantages of Android Games Room
• First, note that there is a very easy and simple access to the site,
• Moreover, the download process is not complicated.

Disadvantages of Android Games Room
• First, there is no community forum on the site,
• Then there is the lack of responsiveness from customer service,
• Also, there is the absence multiplayer player .

Android Apps
This online gaming site includes games that are handpicked for free or reasonably priced every day. In addition, it provides its users with a large library containing several games.
Also, you have the possibility to promote your games using the function called promote your application.

Positive aspects of Android Apps
• Access to this application is very simple and it is easy to use,
• There is a daily update of the site, so new games will be available every day.
Negative Aspects of Android Apps
• First, there is the absence of multiplayer games,
• And, there is a lack of responsiveness from the customer service of this site.

Origin Games
It is a digital distribution company which is very famous because of its online games. If you have a PC, this site may do the trick for you. In addition, this application offers you a very interesting game library.

Benefits of Origin Games
• This app has good gaming features when it comes to streaming.
• Moreover, Origin Games comes from a very successful and well-known company.
Disadvantages of Origin Games
• First, there are a lot of updates that take too long to install.
• And, Origin Games’ customer service is not very active.

Acid Play
This application offers a large collection of games to its users, namely action games, card games, puzzles, etc. It has a custom search that helps you find the exact game you’re looking for. Because of this, you won’t have time to take because you won’t have to navigate through millions of games.

However, make sure to use a VPN to avoid any hacking attempts. So you can play safely using the best free VPNs !

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